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Helping Hands

Neighbors welcoming neighbors....

South Windsor
Refugee Alliance

Co-Sponsoring a Family

SWRA is made up of 14 action squads, each with a mission. When each of the teams has completed their preliminary tasks, we will be prepared to navigate the process of resettling a family.


Working with settlement organization, our team is shaping up to be a wonderfully diverse group of people who share a love for helping others.   

Who are we helping

The United States recently ended our longest war.  Many Afghans helped our military as interpreters, cooks and other supportive positions. Now that the Taliban is in power, their lives, and the lives of their families are at risk. We, as a nation, are indebted to them. 

For as many reasons are there are volunteers, people in our town want to help. The energy is electric, and there is a place for you!

All volunteers must complete 3- 2 hour on-line training modules. 




We are doing this because welcoming strangers is at the core of who we are. 

It is because we were all immigrants who climbed the ladder of success in establishing a home.  We haven't burned the ladder behind us.  This is our way we show appreciation for our blessings of community, of home and of freedom.

Many South Windsor residents and friends want to help and have already stepped up!

Healthcare professionals, educators and other people of faith -- many faiths -- have come together to welcome and help acclimate acclimate and become independant here in South Windsor. 

So much to do! Join our amazing team to help a young family as they navigate English classes, medical appointments, banking, shopping, transportation and immigration. Our SWRA squads are concerned with all aspects of helping the  young family succeed. 

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